Eccentrica's US Tour Rolls On in Miami with Prestige Imports Collaboration.

Join us as we take our US Tour to the vibrant city of Miami, where we're teaming up with Prestige Imports, Florida's premier supercar importer and a top dealer in the nation.
Our exciting program for this leg of the tour includes two exclusive events:

Friday, October 6th: We'll attend an exclusive evening event hosted inside Prestige Imports' showroom.

This gathering is tailored for the top clients, carefully selected by Prestige, as those most aligned with the Eccentrica flavor.
While the event is private, and not open to the general public, if you're a lead or a potential enthusiast, we're more than happy to extend an invitation to you.

Saturday, October 7th: Don't miss Eccentrica's Exotics & Espresso Takeover!

From 10 AM to 1 PM, we'll be hosting a public event where supercar enthusiasts can showcase their flagship vehicles.
It's an opportunity to witness an impressive lineup of supercars and connect with fellow enthusiasts in a thrilling and engaging atmosphere. You will also have the opportunity to meet the Eccentrica team with Emanuel Colombini, the Founder himself.

Join us for these unforgettable moments as Eccentrica takes over Miami with Prestige Imports. Mark your calendars for a weekend of automotive excellence!