Green Over Tan

We produce only 19 versions of the Eccentrica Restomod. Each model possesses a unique character and particular configuration.

During Goodwood's Festival of Speed, we engaged with our Eccentrica community, asking for configuration ideas.

Our follower's final choice was #GreenoverTan. We deeply cherished this preference.

We appreciated the Pavone Dark Green Metallic paint on the exterior and the Biscotto Brown Alcantara interior.
We added the Giallo Modena pastel-painted for the brake calipers and the Dark Burnished metal rims.
We changed the original Teppanyaki and Gold tooth to Silver.
These are just some of our favorites of all the details that make this configuration noteworthy.
And beneath this elegant exterior, we can't forget the power of a 5.7-litre naturally aspirated V12 engine.

As exciting as configurations are, our customization program, in collaboration with design studio BorromeoDeSilva, allows customers the endless potential to make their Eccentrica their very own.

Please get in touch for more on configuration, customizations, dreams, and drives.